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So it seems that my obsession with KPop and JE and getting more into different JRock/JPop is something that will stick. So this lj has started to be a place where I post fic and fannish things I do and where I comment from alot and keep up with these fandoms. *_* I am thoroughly obsessed now T_T I didn't realise it was quite so SHINY. So yes.

I love Super Junior for probably all the reasons people I know are staying away: there's so many of them. FLAIL. I was going to name my few favorites but. That's hard. D: If I went by TODAY, I'd say, in no particular order: Donghae, Hyukjae, Eeteuk, Sungmin, Kibum. KANGIN. lsadkfjkasdjf This is so hard. IDEK. I love SUJU so much! They are just. FABULOUSLY incredible and are so wee and fanservice-y and happy and alskdjfaskjdfalskj I SUPPORT HENRY'S VIOLINING. Even though he's like, Senga's age or something. T_T T_T T_T T_T LAME. I will NEVER understand the insanity of alot of Korean fangirls and Antis and I hope no one in any of the SM groups DIES one day from their mental instabilities.

Also, I love Kanjani8 and NEWS. Alot. Ryo is ... there are no words for Ryo. Or for how much I love him with every fiber of my being. Or for how that just increases each and every day *_* Just. RYO. I also adore Uchi (UCHIIIIIIII), Tegoshi, Yamapi, Jin, Shige, OHKURA, Subaru, YOKOOOO, Yasu, laskjdfasjdflakdja Ueda. Koki and his dope rhymz. I will not comment on some of the other groups but let it be known HEY!SAY!DO NOT WANT! is very T_T to me. TWELVE. JUST NO. So yea. JE grabbed me and dragged me down its slippery spiral decked out in glitter and sequins and tacky lame and multicolored applique, hot pants, cowboy boots and pajamas. And I, for one, am so thankful. *________________________________*

I need to find MORE SuJu fans to flail to with! *_* I like happy things and adorable things and flailing and squeeing and hand-holding and eskimo kisses. I also like various awesome anime, manga, and dramas. I don't bite.

One day I'll learn to be concise. Today is not that day. :\
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