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Title: Untitled, unfinished ficlet written for the One Hour Porn Challenge
Characters/Pairing: Ohkura, Ryo.
Rating: G [lol I totally failed in getting to their angry!i-missed-you!UGH!make-up sex D; D; D;]
Notes: AU, written in the Hokura-verse and inspired by K8's 'Wahaha' PV. So yeah. The start of another part in this series. It'll be finished but probably not posted for a while because lots of stuff happens before this happens. Failiso.

When Ohkura arrives at work -- his legitimate job at an onsen that Nagase helped him find -- he's told by his supervisor that he will now have a new co-worker since his previous one has been promoted. It's just as well. He can't say he's going to exactly miss working with the overly chatty, almost painfully loud Murakami-san, who sometimes smacked him on the head for no reason at all. He liked Murakami-san. He liked drinking with him after work and getting dinner. It was just working with him in the baths was sometimes troublesome.

Maybe his new co-worker would be quiet and he could actually go home without ringing ears every day.

He begins to prepare his supplies, dragging the mop and cart out to the empty baths when he hears someone enter the room behind him, with a mumbled apology. He turns around and the other man's head is bowed in greeting.

"Sorry to be a bother. I look forward to working with you. I'll do my best. Please take care of me."

His tone is formal but something is so familiar about his voice that Ohkura freezes and his eyes are wide with a sort of foreboding. He knows that voice. Knows it better than any other voice.

Ohkura speaks before the other man looks back up.

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