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Fic I am working on/need to finish/want to finish. :D Keeping this here so I er. Don't forget just what I've gotten myself into. T_T So much crap. I shall finish one today! *sets goals* I CAN DO IT! YOSH!

ETA: I've revamped this because most of the older stuff on here probably won't get done because of lack of interest/K8 has eaten my brain. >.> But hey! I have new stuff to work on! ^^;

I saved this old list in case I ever want to go back to it. So I'm going to remove most of the old stuff and only leave up what is still, slowly, getting worked on plus new stuff I have started. Those will go in a new post.

+ Ryoda - Started last night at the promptings of [livejournal.com profile] inevitabilityy and [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz. In a Drama and boxing lessons.
+ [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday fic. :> SURPRISE. Due Dec. 1st.FINITO
+ PiRyo/Tego - from last one-hour challenge. *cough*
+ Ryo/Uchi - from Jemz' Rotational Values-verse *_*
+ Ryo/Uchi - from Mousapi's prompt of possessive!Ryo wallsex Ahem.
+ Senga+Nikaido - after Firebeat perf. on SC. Nikaido thinks Senga's hip-thrusts are just TERRIBLE. T_T
+ PIN - IDEK. Jemz wants Pin.
+ PIN for Jemz' RV verse cause...if I do a different PIN for the other one. :D
+ Ryo/Uchi - fix that awful Cake one I did late one night after lots of wine.
+ Ryo/Uchi - Need. I really like this one. I need (lol) to work on it and finish it up. My melancholy, softly happy fic. It will be happy.
+ Ryo/Uchi - A sequel thing to the saddish one I did a bit ago. Resolve and be happier for this ending >.>
+ RyoPi - Camping shenanigans for Laura
+ RyoPi - ? prompt for Ilana done!
+ KangTeuk - for 0rien. alsdkfja *scared*
+ TRUTH w/ Clare. >.> JE AU Emo-rock band. :D [Personal note: My own notes and Clare!convo saved here. or here: TRUTH Parts 1-3] Tego.Ryo.Uchi.Shige.Shoon.Ohkura.Yasu.Pin.Masuda.Ueda. are in the fic so far :D :D :D DON'T FORGET ABOUT TEH DRUG CARTEL TIE-IN. !!!!!
+ Yasu/Ueda - because YES.
+ Uchi/Ueda or Uchi/Yasu - Heeee!
+ Ryo/Uchi/Ueda - MAYBE?
+ Ryo/Ohkura - I like this. DONE. Ohkura/Ryo and a planned Ryo/Ohkura sequel. :>
+ Ryo/Jin - For Jemz. :D I think there was a prompt. TELL ME JEMZ.
+ Jin/Tego - Hip-swirls contest WOOT for Jemz.
+ Ryo/Shige - BECAUSE I LIKE IT DONE. for [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday but I might do a sequel? *_*
+ Also need to do the drabble meme SOON. >.> I didn't forget! alsdkfj and the Interests meme. Now I need to find the ones [livejournal.com profile] 4_03_am asked me about. Meep.
+ Ueda/Shige being awkward and fumbly and "sorta underappreciated" as Clare says.
+ Ryo/Tego/Ohkura OMFG SRSLY. Rockstar!fic. *_* Y/Y?
+ Various incarnations of Akira/Haruto, Akira/Miroku, Akira/Miroku/Haruto. Yes. Nobuta/1 Litre of Tears/Yukan Club. I think [livejournal.com profile] inevitabilityy also wants Hayato, but I have to see Gokusens for that first. Also, Akira/Nakatsu WOULD OWN THE SOUL Y/Y?
+ Ohkura-ness. Ohkura/Shige. Ohkura/Ryo/Pin. OHKURA. *_* Ohkura/Ryo ALOT. Ohkura/Uchi. Ohkura/Yasu. Ohkura/Ryo/Uchi/Yasu...IDK JUST OHKURA. Yoko/Ohkura sdlkfj
+ RyoUchiOhDa - :> Where there is Ryo/Uchi BFF <3 but still Ryo/Ueda hotness and confidance in Ohkura who masterminds the whole thing sorta because. Well. Ohkura/all of them.
+ JE band camp fic??????
+ I think I just had an idea for a Donghae/Ohkura/Uchi fic, perhaps. Where Uchi talks about the missing continent and Donghae has his odd alien-esque things and Ohkura just spaces out and listens to them, amused. OR SOMETHING. I had to jot it down.
+ Nikado/Senga for Rachel DONE
+ RyoJin for Jemz and PIN and probs something else
+ RyoUchi for Gen *_*
+ Nikado/Senga for LATE BDAY for Clare
+ Ryo/Ohkura - Part 2 of OhRyo fic, with Ohkura's Endless Shock pics as prompt
+ Finish the UCHI/RYO I started for Gen. With sofasex and yeah.
+ SUBASSAN (for Gen and for all the Subassan lovers on my flist). terrified.
+ Long, plotty kinda angsty RyoUchi started on 2/17/08. Possibly as a backstory, the whole story for "It's Never Gonna Be Like It Could Have Been" or possibly another story entirely. Not sure how this will end up but. *_* I like it though its ow.

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