From his cyworld the past few days:

I will put more effort and become an Eunhyuk that will make you proud and not make you embarassed



Also, Heechul's new "hair". .......what. I wonder what possessed him to get braid EXTENSIONS IN HIS HAIR. I just PRAY no one else gets them! It sure made me laugh. Especially the comparision to Abarai Renji. XDDD But the one that made me laugh the most was picturing Heechul and Sungmin with matching extensions singing "Girl You Know Its True" (MILLI VANILLI OMG)

I have recently added a bunch of people from the KPop friending meme and I'll add some stuff more about me soon. I just finished a job so I can stay home and take care of my homelife stuff so I'll be around to actually update this more! And HOPEFULLY start to write. SOON. I am being encouraged to help write some Heechul/JE ficlets XDDD My idea is Heechul/Jin where Pi gets jealous and even Heechul/Pi where Jin gets all pouty and jealous! JEALOUS TURNS! I am fond of this crackthought. XD

There was a Japan Fest at the New Orleans Museum of Art yesterday!! it was SO SO COOL! There were all sorts of music and martial arts and dancing demonstrations as well as origami and tea ceremony and anime stuff. AND THERE IS A GO CLUB in NEW ORLEANS! And someone was showing me and well, mostly Silas, how to play GO! I've been wanting to learn and they meet once a week at a coffee house! I WANT TO GO AND LEARN TO PLAY GO OMG!!! :D :D :D This is just so awesome!

I'm going to sleep now. After a few weeks of constant running around and three birthday parties last weekend and three this weekend plus driving to Baton Rouge and back and then to New Orleans and back... and then being out all day yesterday... I'm still tired!!!



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