Here is part 2 of my Ryo/Uchi picspam!!! ^_^ (Part 1 can be found here: Ryo/Uchi Picspam [Part 1])

This one has a little lot more than 110 pictures now and it has some links to Ryo and Uchi translations either of interviews they've done together or ### Questions answered by them in those things from magazines and even some random quotes that they've said in different places. :D

I hope you enjoy! :D Next, after I work on fic for a couple days or something, I'm going to do my RyoPi ones. :D And Ryo/OtherPeople. I even have a Ryo Is Not Afraid of Nearly Kissing Boys spam, though there aren't TONS in that one. More than I thought I had though ;)) And I'm sure I'd find more if I looked properly LOL. W00t!

Also, I am adding a link to this AMAZING RYO/UCHI Ship Manifesto!!!! done by [ profile] neoehge. *_* Go look at all the shiny she has! Pictures, quotes, scans, translations, vids laskdjflaksdjfa. GO LOOK *FLAIL*!!!!

I like Ryo too! )
HIIII!!!! :D So here is my next picspam. Its part 1 of my RyoUchi spam cause well. I uploaded basically every one of my Ryo/Uchi pictures and that is about 225 pictures. I didnt' think they'd fit well in one post so there will be two. :D :D :D Part 2 can be found here: Ryo/Uchi Picspam [Part 2]

Now, I love Ryo/Uchi. I love their BFFiness. I love their interviews. I love the random things they say about each other and just how close they obviously were are something. I like to believe they still are because it makes me really sad to think otherwise since they were extremely close when they were in Eito and News together. :( In my next post, I'll get together some links to translations of a few of their interviews and stuff and link them because just. Yes. *_*

Under the cut are about 110 pictures. The rest will come later today. *_* :D Wheee! I hope you enjoy. I even did commentary on them this time, lol, but the commentary is on the picture itself, not under it cause that IS too much work. It would look all shitty too. So. Yes. Excuse any pictues posted twice. It was hard to figure out what I had two of and didn't. >.> One day I might edit them out but D: Hard!

ENJOY! heart1

'If its Uchi, I even know the shape of his ass.' )



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