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Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

Second picspam~ These are shop pics I have collected scans of, some are official and some are paparazzi shots. Sorry if some appear twice. I'll be working on fixing that. I have them all vaguely organised in my pictures folder on my harddrive. But some I have multiple copies of with different file names so it makes it hard. T_T One day I'll do better with that.
I'll be adding to this intermittantly, too, so if you check back, there will probably be more pics here in the future. :D

Shop pics )
The first of my few picspams I have planned to do for Ohkura's bday. I was going to do it all on one day but then thought OU GAD what a headache! So I'll split some of them up. I hope that I get all the things done I want to for then. A few more fics and picspams and maybe some other goodies~

ChibiKura~ )
So here is my contribution for RYO'S 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!

No creepy pictures here! Just 150 Ryo pics. They're small-sized and link to larger versions. :D I was fretting cause I didn't want to resize and omg take forever and a week. :| BUT YES. RYO. ILUSM2U RYO! Hope your birthday was WIN! arrowuparrowuparrowuparrowuparrowupheartyeyesthumbsup


Lo thar be Ryo here! )



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