Title: Irresistible Things
Character/Pairing: Ohkura/Uchi
Rating: R
Notes: AU, Hokura-verse. Boys aren't mine still yet. Funny how the last two attempts at fic-writing from me are in this verse XD Just to set it up a little since I have it mostly all plotted out in my head but I haven't written most of it yet, Uchi is a new, um. Boy on the block~ Ohkura's block *dies* They haven't been getting along at all and snark at each other and such a lot. Uchi wears this annoyingly shiny lip gloss (you know, like most JE boys are known to do at sometime or another <.< And well. This is just after one night hanging out because they do become "friends", or atleast people who sometimes hang out and drink together.

Written last night to [livejournal.com profile] impynymph and [livejournal.com profile] crystallekil for Noelle's prompt: oh pronz )
And now, fic0rz. Finally. MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~ ^_^

Ohkura will always blame the lip gloss )

Title: Attention Whore
Rating: R+, I suppose? Its Pr0n...Or WILL be! :\
Pairing: Uchi/Ryo :>
Notes and things: Not mine, etc so forth blah blah I love Ryo's naked hips and things. A+ will look again.
Written for 7th round of the One Hour Porn Challenge. Inspired by Ryo's latest nakedness. *_______________* I will update with links to everyone else's later because I am going finish this NOW DAMMIT. :| I almost got to porn this time!!!! *\o/* And YAY FOR UCHI y/y??

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Not yet porn under here and not many words but I WILL FINISH THIS TODAY W00T )
[Posted first in my other lj, but I'll put it here instead. I forgot at 2:30 am. T_T Apologies to those who saw this twice, but I'll just leave the fic here and link from my other lj, okay? :))]

So I wrote stuff. I think I will actually post it NOW before I keep looking over it. No one is around to beta it for me now so there might be retarded errors or redundancy or something. I'll edit it later when I find stuff I want to change but I just want to post it because I keep hesitating on posting things I write. The others, though, I'm glad I didn't D: They are retarded. But I'll finish fixing them I WILL!

My life lately has been....Hmmm. If I let it inspire me in certain ways and get things out, then, I think its helpful, yeah? So this came from random emotion lately. Silly-happy has not been writing itself lately, but this sorta did. So for that, I'm grateful.

i believe in desperate acts. the kind that make me look stupid. )



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