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Master List

Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

Harry Potter:

  • Waiting: Albus/Cedric, PG-13. Crack.

    Prince of Tennis:

  • Untitled unfinished ficlet: Eiji/Fuji, PG-13.
  • Dress Up: Eiji/Renji/Yukimura, R. AU!!!
  • Something Like Friends: Dream Pair [Fuji/Eiji], R.


  • Let Me Take You For A Ride: Yamashita's Shoon + Reon, G.
  • It's Never Gonna Be Like It Could Have Been: Ryo/Uchi, PG-13.
  • It's All a Bit Fuzzy: RyoPin, hard R? [Part of One Hour Pronz Challenge] Finished
  • Don't Break the Glasses: Pin (hint of Ryo/Uchi), R. [Part of One Hour Pronz Challenge] Finished
  • But I'll Break Before I Bend. Ryo/Shige, PG-13? Shige pov. This was written for [ profile] je_holiday and I never got around to posting it here just yet so this is a link to the orginal post on JE holiday comm. ^_^ It was written for [ profile] jain.
  • Untitled: Ryo/Yamapi, R. [for [ profile] ilanabean42]
  • You're Drunk: Ohkura/Ryo, NC-17. [Part of One Hour Pronz Challenge] Finished
  • New In Town: Nagase/Ohkura, R, AU. [Part 1 of a planned Hokura series~ >.>]
  • Quiet Now: Nikaido/Senga (Kisumai), R. [for [ profile] snowqueenofhoth]
  • Easy: Ryo/Ohkura, Ohkura/Ryo, PG-13.
  • EVERYWHERE!!! series: (1) Impatient: Ohkura/Ryo, NC-17. [ profile] alissa and I have planned daily drabbles with a theme. Here is the first.
  • Under the Table: Subaru/Ohkura, Ryo/Yasu, NC-17. Written with [ profile] alissa ^_^
  • TORN PORN: 1st Attempt: Ohkura/Ryo, R+.
  • It's Called a Bath, Yoko; or Why You Shouldn't Ask About Your Stylists' Mom's Boobs. Okura/Yoko, PG (for...baths). I wrote the after seeing hobo!Yoko on Janiben. T_T Yoko. Get some help dear. Preferably from some grooming equipment.
  • Firsts. Okura/Yoko, R. Possibly goes with the previous fic. I haven't decided.
  • The Third Time's the Charm. Yasu/Subaru/Ryo, R-ish. Originally for [ profile] jthreesome.

    Unfinished but plan to be finished (One Hour Pronz Challenges, generally):

  • Untitled, Weeeek inspired ficlet: Pi/Ryo, Tegoshi...RyoPi/Tego...Yamapi/Ryo/Tego?? Something like that, Hard R to NC-17. [Part of One Hour Pronz Challenge] Unfinished :|
  • Attention Whore: Uchi/Ryo, R+, [Part of One Hour Pronz Challenge, on Ryo's Glamourous shoot] Sadly unfinished so far. Hopefully soon...
  • Forgetfulness: Ryo/Ohkura, R [Part of the 8th One Hour Pronz Challenge, on the JE 2008-09 calendars] I really plan to finish this one soon, too. It's MOSTLY basically done... D; I think it could stand just like it is but I wanted to add a bit more at the end. Life.

    Some of these are ideas for fic that will be written. One day. They were done with different people and under fixed amounts of time (about 10 minutes) and UNFINISHED as they are now. Please don't expect much. They are just exercises. :D

  • Ryo/Uchi ones. Done with [ profile] swtjemz and [ profile] tinyangl.
  • Second try. Done with [ profile] procreational and [ profile] yamapea. [Ryo/Ohkura; Tegoshi, Ryo, Pi, ponta; Ryo/Uchi]
  • Ohkura/Ueda. Done in IM with [ profile] procreational who demanded Ohkura/Ueda. This is the short result. Apparently this is the actual first time I wrote Ohkura. And Ueda.

  • WIP meme - List of fics I've started and bits of them [locked]


  • Happy 23rd Birthday, Ryo-chan!!!!
       + Part One
       + Part Two. Includes pictures and links.

    ~ Happy 23rd Birthday, Tacchon! ;P ~
  • Chibi!Kura~
  • Shop pics [1]
  • Random pics
  • Ryo/Ohkura version ;D

    More to come...I got tired of uploading, organizing, fixing codes...D; and I have to write stuff. lsdkfj

    ~~ ~SCANS BY ME~

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