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Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

Title: Irresistible Things
Character/Pairing: Ohkura/Uchi
Rating: R
Notes: AU, Hokura-verse. Boys aren't mine still yet. Funny how the last two attempts at fic-writing from me are in this verse XD Just to set it up a little since I have it mostly all plotted out in my head but I haven't written most of it yet, Uchi is a new, um. Boy on the block~ Ohkura's block *dies* They haven't been getting along at all and snark at each other and such a lot. Uchi wears this annoyingly shiny lip gloss (you know, like most JE boys are known to do at sometime or another <.< And well. This is just after one night hanging out because they do become "friends", or atleast people who sometimes hang out and drink together.

Written last night to [ profile] impynymph and [ profile] crystallekil for Noelle's prompt: oh pronz )
And now, fic0rz. Finally. MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~ ^_^

Ohkura will always blame the lip gloss )
Title: Untitled, unfinished ficlet written for the One Hour Porn Challenge
Characters/Pairing: Ohkura, Ryo.
Rating: G [lol I totally failed in getting to their angry!i-missed-you!UGH!make-up sex D; D; D;]
Notes: AU, written in the Hokura-verse and inspired by K8's 'Wahaha' PV. So yeah. The start of another part in this series. It'll be finished but probably not posted for a while because lots of stuff happens before this happens. Failiso.

. . . . . . )
Title: The Third Time's the Charm
Rating: R-ish, I guess.
Threesome: Yasu/Subaru/Ryo
Summary: Three really is Ryo's lucky number.
Warnings: None?
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] jthreesome as a gift for [ profile] ilanabean42.

Original notes: I hope you like this, [ profile] ilanabean42! It was harder than I thought to write Yasu/Subaru/Ryo even though I LOVE these three and think they should always be written. So I hope I wrote something you enjoy! I wanted to try for angst but that didn't happen. Sorry :[ I really hope you like this and that it works for you. Thank you to my betas: Alissa, Kya and Gen and Noelle. Without your help and encouragement and honesty, I couldn't have finished this. ♥

The Third Time's the Charm )
Title: Firsts
Pairing: Ohkura/Yoko
Rating: R-ish
Disclaimer: ;D
Summary: There's a first time for everything.
Notes: This is probably in the same verse as my previous Ohkura/Yoko fic. I'm pretty sure it is. XD You can find it linked in my Master Post if you want to read it. But this is stand-alone. Thanks to [ profile] alissa and [ profile] pinkpapyrus for making sure this was readable and for loving Ohkura/Yoko LIKE I DO OMG LIKE FREAKING NEBULA. I love you both and this is for you! ♥ Have fun in Japan and BRING HIM BACK FOR ME!!!!!! I can cook!!!! ;D

Title: It's Called a Bath, Yoko; or, Why You Shouldn't Ask About Your Stylist's Mom's Boobs
Pairing: Ohkura/Yoko
Rating: PG. G. Something srsly gen and tame~ *_*
Word Coung: Like about 2450? or so?
Disclaimer: If you want them, come and claim them!!!!!
Notes: Inspired by Yoko's recent tragic Janiben appearance IF YOU LUCKILY HAVEN'T SEEN IT, HERE YOU GO; and also by [ profile] alissa's prompt today for an idea for Ohkura fic: "Ohkura takes homeless!Yoko into his home." and "OMG STRAGGLY YOKO SO IT CAN BE ALL H/C. HE CAN SHAVE YOKO AND GIVE HIM A BATH *_*" ...this is how our emails go. It started out cracky but got more fluffy and really. This fic makes me all fuzzy. I hope you like it. This is for [ profile] alissa and for [ profile] impynymph (who is responsible for half the title ;P) and also for [ profile] swtjemz who is a huge fan of fluff and is having ISSUES right now with CRAP and has been trying to get me to write Yoko and Ohkura for AGES. I hope I did Yoko right (its my first time FINISHING fic with Yoko and getting to post it - the rest is in my WIP pile :o) . *_* LEMME KNOW GUYS.

You're good at this, Tacchon.  )
Title: TORN PORN: 1st Attempt
Pairing: Ohkura/Ryo
Rating: eh. R, I guess. Maybe NC-17-ish?
Disclaimer: My cage is waiting. Ahahahaha....
Notes: This is a present for [ profile] alissa because she's been really having a ... well because she DESERVES IT and I wanted it to be done Friday and augh sorry. But its done! And its cause ILUSM and lasdfja well. YOU SMELL LIKE HIBISCUS! And really. Because GOD WHERE'S ALL THE TORN PORN?!??!?!?!?!??!?!? Sorry it took me WEEKS to write this but well. You know how it goes~ Let me know if you see glaring errors or something. :Dv Also, this is my first offering for Ohkura's birthday, which is on Friday the 16th if you didn't know. I wanted to start on Friday but THAT'S NOT HOW I ROLL. Or life got in the way. Or my ADD. But yes. There will be more fic and also picspams, you know, if you're interested in that sorta thing.~

Hi! I wrote collab fic with my partner in ... cracky retardation and filth, [ profile] theotheralissa. And I mean that in the best possible way ♥x89345 Its the SubaKura we've always wanted to write *_* And hopefully there will be more. *_* YAY. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it. XD Writing with Alissa is the best. We have another lj where we are going to post our collabs at (we have a few planned out), called [ profile] blowingjourney. So this post will link you to the fic there. :Dv

Title: Under the Table~
Pairing: Subaru/Ohkura, Ryo/Yasu
Rating: er, NC-17. Naughty.
Disclaimer: ONE day....
Notes: Er, this is the first in hopefully many more lovely filthy collaborations between [ profile] alissa and [ profile] this_is_cd. We spend our days emailing and being completely bonkers and well. We wanted SubaKura for so long and FINALLY we have achieved it. *_* We hope to write more of this and well. Eito in general because Eito deserves the filth flarn filth and copious love we have for them... ♥ /creep. Thank you Ilana for reading over it for us ♥
Summary: Gratuitous porn, sayeth [ profile] ilanabean42

At first, Ohkura thinks this is just a Subaru...thing.
Yay! So this is um. The second drabbley thing written in my and [ profile] alissa's quest for writing practice/porn/ryokura/drabbling/porn/fic/ohryo/porn/sexing them everywhere/eito writing/etc. IDK. Clearly we have great ideas. Last night we decided to come up with a pairing/theme for each day to write on. We also decided that Ryo and Ohkura need to sex everywhere. So today we kept with that theme and wrote more Ohkura and Ryo. "STAIRS" was our first place :> (We will get to other K8 members soon and stuff. Just. LET US GIVE RYO AND OHKURA LOTS OF PORN FIRST. We have great us~ ;)v)

So yes. Here.

Title: EVERYWHERE!!! series: (1) Impatient
Pairing: Ohkura/Ryo
Rating: NC-17? >.>
Notes: Um. Yes. Like I said. I love us!!!!! Part 1 of this drabble series. *_*
Disclaimer: MINEMINEMINEMINE....>.>
VITAL LINK: Here is Alissa's fic of hotness!!! GO NOW! READ!

Title: Easy
Pairing: Ryo/Ohkura, Ohkura/Ryo w/e
Rating: PG-13?
Notes: A short-ish drabble written in an email with [ profile] alissa because we adore Ohkura and Ryo and they're just awesome and fun and hot and they just need more smexing, y/y? So this is for her~ And for little Fang-chan. ♥ I really think this is going to be the basis for something else I'm working on/working out in my head. So yay?
Disclaimer: ....totally mine yo~. >.> Right?

It's easy... )
Title: Quiet Now
Fandom: JE: Kisumai
Pairing: Nikaido/Senga [Kisumai]
Rating: R
Notes: Not mine, etc. THIS IS FOR [ profile] snowqueenofhoth. FINALLY. Since my muse has decided to return. THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING. I hope I can write you more soon. <3 I will certainly try. :X
Warnings: Er. They're not 20? IDK. Let's just get on with it. 0:-)

His hands burned... )
Fic: New In Town
Pairing: Nagase/Ohkura
Rating: R
Notes: Don't own. AU. SO SO SO SO SORRY OMG. CRACK IDEA of cheap whore Ohkura based on alskdfjasklfdj retarded late-night, wine-fuled IMs with [ profile] alissa and this this picture of Ohkura from Endless Shock with leather pants and $1 BILLS OMG. SRSLY GAIZ. There will be more. Not sure if it all will be public but [ profile] alissa and I are totally going to write as much of these as we can omg there are so many ideas we came up with we should really be ashamed of ourselves. CRY. WHOOPS. Alissa, this is for you. And its also for [ profile] impynymph too because she and I also come up with the most ridiculous and wonderful ideas. GUYS, I wish all our ideas would magically write themselves that way we wouldn't have to do it and it wouldn't take so long. ILUSM. ♥!!!!! I hope this doesn't fail. If you notice tense shifts, let me know PLEASE. I am renowned for that. D; And I am not to keen on the ending. It wanted to end all emo and I said STFU NO. Because this is essentially supposed to be humor and smut. ....hahahahhaha sorry I failed. Better luck next time? T_T Don't be afraid to point out short-comings: I like that stuff. ;P Also, totally shamelessly referenced Utahime LOL. >.>
OH YEA. And this is totally the first time I wrote Nagase so sldfkj JUST A WARNING. He's not perfected. *_* Or possibly even recognisable IDK YOU TELL ME. I AM SO SORRY~ SRSLY GAIZ~ :Dv

$6...I mean, dolla dolla bills yall )
Title: Forgetfulness
Group: Kanjani8
Pairing: Ryo/Ohkura...
Rating: R
Notes: Written for the most recent One Hour Challenge, based on the new JE calendars. *_* I wrote on um. The scant Kanjani8 scans since its so huge. In particular, this picture of Ohkura (*links to impynymph's scan D;*), and alluding to the horrifying costumes he sometimes has to wear when everyone else wears normal t-shirts and jeans D; This isn't finished but I don't think its far off...*_* And YAY FOR ME ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO WRITE AGAIN slkdfjlsj :Dv But yes. Unfinished, needs beta, yo.

alissa | elyndys | iverin | jackoweskla | jadedfrenzy | ky_rin | mousapelli | pearljemz | peroxidepest17 | thawrecka | tinyangl | tokyostory

Oh Ohkura. I WROTE STUFFS. )

Title: Attention Whore
Rating: R+, I suppose? Its Pr0n...Or WILL be! :\
Pairing: Uchi/Ryo :>
Notes and things: Not mine, etc so forth blah blah I love Ryo's naked hips and things. A+ will look again.
Written for 7th round of the One Hour Porn Challenge. Inspired by Ryo's latest nakedness. *_______________* I will update with links to everyone else's later because I am going finish this NOW DAMMIT. :| I almost got to porn this time!!!! *\o/* And YAY FOR UCHI y/y??

artemisgoddess | devetir | goldengutgirl | grunhilda | jackoweskla | karinberry | pearljemz | procreational | shichihenge | tinyangl | tokyostory | travelingpsycho

Not yet porn under here and not many words but I WILL FINISH THIS TODAY W00T )
Crackily unfinished and nearly forgotten about, I post this here so I don't. Apparently I did write Ohkura before the Ohkura/Ryo but well. This really IS my first attempt XD And it was don't on a whim in IM with [ profile] procreational who demanded Ohkura/Ueda and also Jun/Ueda. Which I might include my 5 sentence attmept. She still owes me OHKURA/TEGO/SHIGE/RYOOOO, which she started.

This is what our IMs yield

Click for ficlet silliness )
for ONE HOUR RYO BOAO CHALLENGE. Ahem. Based on these Ryo pics. You can find the better scans here. I participated via PHONE since I dont' have internet right now T_T but, since I couldn't post unedited last night, I just ended up finishing mine last night. WHEEE FOR FINISHING, but Jemz says she won't link mine cause its done now. ;_; But I FINISHED something! *_* AND This WAS WRITTEN for the 5th round of One Hour Pr0nz Challenge (which I missed LAST TIME TOO :\)...I just. Didn't save my first draft and finished it instead. :Dv

I'll still link to everyone else's because well. RAWR. Moar BOAO RYO PR0NZ. PIMP PIMP PIMP!

Jemz | jackoweskla | tinyangl | anamuan | tokyostory | saturianlove | shichihenge | karinberry

Look how many people this time!!! *_*

Title: "You're Drunk"
Author: [ profile] this_is_cd / ISO
Pairing: Ohkura/Ryo. :>
Rating: NC-17 :|
Notes: Um. First time writing Ohkura really...idk if [ profile] je_holiday really counts (which I will link later omg I never posted it here *facepalm*) Originally written for
the 5th One Hour Pr0nz Challenge. Apologies for any weird formatting: I wrote it in notepad :|

Cut for the smexin' )
Just putting these here so I don't lose them :| Sorry if some of you have seen them before. I just want to have everything in one place and easy for me to find. D:

More 10 minute drabbles )
Reposting this here for ... having everything where I need to >.>
Also, will be reposting a few things here in the next few days. Just because. :Dv!

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Ryo/Pi
Rating: R
Notes: For [ profile] ilanabean42, because she is awesome. Originally posted Here.

Fic goes here )
Some 10 minute drabbles I did with [ profile] swtjemz and [ profile] tinyangl.

Kamika's drabbles
Jemz's drabbles

alskdfjalskdjaf DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING. :O

But its some Ryo/Uchi yay! )



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