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Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

MOAR SCANS~ I guess they're pretty HQ?? Yeah? Here are the other pictures I have!! REST OF EITO! Honestly, I haven't really seen any of these scanned before (besides the Ryo ones! ;D I only scanned because I thought I didn't have the uchiwa and yellow shirt one, and I figured I'd scan the hotness one while I had them out). ;D Before anyone D:-faces at lack of Maru scans: [ profile] alissa scanned the ones I have and posted them here yesterday plus TONS moar. But if anyone would like me to scan them (they'd be the same size as the rest of the pics here), just let me know and I'll add them in! ^_^ [ADDED!] Hopefully, within the next couple weeks, I'll be getting another package (this time courtesy of [ profile] swtjemz, who is my ♥ and I owe her like, half my internal organs and a limb for being so amazing), so expect some more scans of things...probably Okura~ ;P because ♥UNF♥!!!

Edit: Also, some of them are a little crooked? One pack of the cards was under my bento so the edge is curled. I had it in the book with Ohkura for a few days but it was still curved and hard to get the scanner lid to close properly (the scans kept turning when I'd close the lid). If I can figure out a way to make the edges fixed and scan them again straighter, I will. I guess I could've just cropped them in PS .... xDDDD My brain. I'll get better at scanning! Any shadows or odd-ish coloring are on the actual pics. Some of them look like they have bad lighting and really warm coloring that sometimes seems to scan oddly.

( . )( . ) )

As with my previous post, credit is not mandatory but very appreciated. I just ask that you please let me know if you take them! ^_^ It'lll be more exciting to share the next batch if I know that this batch was enjoyed ;D

[ profile] alissa picked these up for me in ~Japan~ a few weeks ago ILUSM ♥ So I wanted to share them! They are from the K8 Summer Con and various places around Osaka ("seedy idol shops" XDDDD). ^_^ I got them in the mail a few days ago and was so excited that many of them were pictures I haven't seen posted before in my envelope. :DDD So, of course, I wanted to share them! There are a few that might have been posted already but I only had scans of two or three. :D The one of Ohkura playing drums with English words at the bottom is a papa trading card. The black and white one is, of course, the post card. The TORN pics are papa pics as are the Wahaha performance one with Ryo-chan and the one of Green Ranger sprawled out onstage.

( . )( . ) )

Some of the color might be a little off since I am not a scanning expert, but I did my best! :D Enjoy everyone! I am glad to finally be able to contribute some things that maybe have not been posted yet. :D If you would like to credit me, that's fine, but it's not mandatory. Please just let me know if you take them! ^_^
Title: The Third Time's the Charm
Rating: R-ish, I guess.
Threesome: Yasu/Subaru/Ryo
Summary: Three really is Ryo's lucky number.
Warnings: None?
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] jthreesome as a gift for [ profile] ilanabean42.

Original notes: I hope you like this, [ profile] ilanabean42! It was harder than I thought to write Yasu/Subaru/Ryo even though I LOVE these three and think they should always be written. So I hope I wrote something you enjoy! I wanted to try for angst but that didn't happen. Sorry :[ I really hope you like this and that it works for you. Thank you to my betas: Alissa, Kya and Gen and Noelle. Without your help and encouragement and honesty, I couldn't have finished this. ♥

The Third Time's the Charm )
Title: Firsts
Pairing: Ohkura/Yoko
Rating: R-ish
Disclaimer: ;D
Summary: There's a first time for everything.
Notes: This is probably in the same verse as my previous Ohkura/Yoko fic. I'm pretty sure it is. XD You can find it linked in my Master Post if you want to read it. But this is stand-alone. Thanks to [ profile] alissa and [ profile] pinkpapyrus for making sure this was readable and for loving Ohkura/Yoko LIKE I DO OMG LIKE FREAKING NEBULA. I love you both and this is for you! ♥ Have fun in Japan and BRING HIM BACK FOR ME!!!!!! I can cook!!!! ;D

Title: It's Called a Bath, Yoko; or, Why You Shouldn't Ask About Your Stylist's Mom's Boobs
Pairing: Ohkura/Yoko
Rating: PG. G. Something srsly gen and tame~ *_*
Word Coung: Like about 2450? or so?
Disclaimer: If you want them, come and claim them!!!!!
Notes: Inspired by Yoko's recent tragic Janiben appearance IF YOU LUCKILY HAVEN'T SEEN IT, HERE YOU GO; and also by [ profile] alissa's prompt today for an idea for Ohkura fic: "Ohkura takes homeless!Yoko into his home." and "OMG STRAGGLY YOKO SO IT CAN BE ALL H/C. HE CAN SHAVE YOKO AND GIVE HIM A BATH *_*" ...this is how our emails go. It started out cracky but got more fluffy and really. This fic makes me all fuzzy. I hope you like it. This is for [ profile] alissa and for [ profile] impynymph (who is responsible for half the title ;P) and also for [ profile] swtjemz who is a huge fan of fluff and is having ISSUES right now with CRAP and has been trying to get me to write Yoko and Ohkura for AGES. I hope I did Yoko right (its my first time FINISHING fic with Yoko and getting to post it - the rest is in my WIP pile :o) . *_* LEMME KNOW GUYS.

You're good at this, Tacchon.  )
Second picspam~ These are shop pics I have collected scans of, some are official and some are paparazzi shots. Sorry if some appear twice. I'll be working on fixing that. I have them all vaguely organised in my pictures folder on my harddrive. But some I have multiple copies of with different file names so it makes it hard. T_T One day I'll do better with that.
I'll be adding to this intermittantly, too, so if you check back, there will probably be more pics here in the future. :D

Shop pics )
The first of my few picspams I have planned to do for Ohkura's bday. I was going to do it all on one day but then thought OU GAD what a headache! So I'll split some of them up. I hope that I get all the things done I want to for then. A few more fics and picspams and maybe some other goodies~

ChibiKura~ )
Hi! I wrote collab fic with my partner in ... cracky retardation and filth, [ profile] theotheralissa. And I mean that in the best possible way ♥x89345 Its the SubaKura we've always wanted to write *_* And hopefully there will be more. *_* YAY. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it. XD Writing with Alissa is the best. We have another lj where we are going to post our collabs at (we have a few planned out), called [ profile] blowingjourney. So this post will link you to the fic there. :Dv

Title: Under the Table~
Pairing: Subaru/Ohkura, Ryo/Yasu
Rating: er, NC-17. Naughty.
Disclaimer: ONE day....
Notes: Er, this is the first in hopefully many more lovely filthy collaborations between [ profile] alissa and [ profile] this_is_cd. We spend our days emailing and being completely bonkers and well. We wanted SubaKura for so long and FINALLY we have achieved it. *_* We hope to write more of this and well. Eito in general because Eito deserves the filth flarn filth and copious love we have for them... ♥ /creep. Thank you Ilana for reading over it for us ♥
Summary: Gratuitous porn, sayeth [ profile] ilanabean42

At first, Ohkura thinks this is just a Subaru...thing.
Yay! So this is um. The second drabbley thing written in my and [ profile] alissa's quest for writing practice/porn/ryokura/drabbling/porn/fic/ohryo/porn/sexing them everywhere/eito writing/etc. IDK. Clearly we have great ideas. Last night we decided to come up with a pairing/theme for each day to write on. We also decided that Ryo and Ohkura need to sex everywhere. So today we kept with that theme and wrote more Ohkura and Ryo. "STAIRS" was our first place :> (We will get to other K8 members soon and stuff. Just. LET US GIVE RYO AND OHKURA LOTS OF PORN FIRST. We have great us~ ;)v)

So yes. Here.

Title: EVERYWHERE!!! series: (1) Impatient
Pairing: Ohkura/Ryo
Rating: NC-17? >.>
Notes: Um. Yes. Like I said. I love us!!!!! Part 1 of this drabble series. *_*
Disclaimer: MINEMINEMINEMINE....>.>
VITAL LINK: Here is Alissa's fic of hotness!!! GO NOW! READ!

SO HI. xD I keep meaning to post but then I fail at it. I've been busy lately. Starting on fics and finishing a few and plotting more and I am planning a picspam for RYO since his birthday is SATURDAY YAY! I just have to finish uploading pics!

Hopefully I can start to post more. I've been posting at my other lj a little more than here. I'm trying to figure out how to manage it all. I might just mirror some of my posts on here but filtered so the people who are friended there don't have to see the post twice ;)) I wouldn't filter anyone out of any of my entries I just don't want people so see the same post twice. xD

I hope everyone's been well. :D I was Paris Hilton last night xDDD I thought it was funny.
I might be able to post pictures soon! W00t!

Am also trying to decide if I want to shell out another $18 for that re-packaged SuJU. I probably will :| Just. When I get $18 more dollars XD Because DVD! *_* SHINY.

I AM ANXIOUSLY AWAITING MY NEWS CDS THOUGH OMG. FLAIL. I will also have the Limited ed of Kanjani8 in that package too! I got the Limited Ed Weeeek [and i think I am ordering the stupid Reg ed too cause I love the art on it :|] and the Limited Ed of Pacific. Or something. Somehow. I forget. I JUST CANNOT WAIT TO GET THEM AND OMFG "TEPPEN" IS ON IT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

This is an exciting month! Kanjani8 photobook later too! GOD.

So yes. Yes. NOVEMBER! :D

Here is a chibi Ohkura picspam I did. There's also a couple of fic recs in it. :D Yay Ohkura. ;))



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