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Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

Posting this for posterity. This is a fic I wrote for [ profile] santa_smex last year. I am actually pretty happy about it. Very. It makes me feel like I can do things when I want to. :D I mean, it still would need work, but. I'm very happy with the result. My betas were INCREDIBLE [[ profile] notapipe, [ profile] grasshopper, [ profile] goldie, [ profile] happiestwhen]
Its Prince of Tennis fic. Dream Pair (Fuji/Eiji OTP). LOVE!
I really swear I will post the RyoPin soon. I am just having SO MUCH TROUBLE with fixing the ending paragraph. I want it to fit! Tomorrow might be hard for me as its a ... busy day. Tuesdays. But extremely soon. As well as fixing the other RyoUchi. I keep having to say this so I don't "forget" about them and let them fall away and get tired of trying to fix them. <.< D: So I will repeat myself and make sure I do post so I am not an idiot for doing otherwise.

So yes now. Fic. ... of the tennis boy sort. ;P Since it was originally written per request in an exchange, I've included the original notes. :)

Title: Something Like Friends
Recipient's name: [personal profile] numisma
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Dream Pair (Eiji and Fuji, Eiji pov)
Warnings: No kinks to warn of, I think.
Disclaimer:This story is based on characters and situations created by Konomi Takeshi. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Thank you to my lovely betas: E, G, H, and E. You are awesome and more help than I could have done myself. I love you all. Really. Thank you so much. Numisma, I hope you enjoy this. I tried to fit in what I could. I had so many ideas, but settled on one in the end so it didn’t get too wild and unwieldy.

I so love Fuji and Eiji )



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