Title: Irresistible Things
Character/Pairing: Ohkura/Uchi
Rating: R
Notes: AU, Hokura-verse. Boys aren't mine still yet. Funny how the last two attempts at fic-writing from me are in this verse XD Just to set it up a little since I have it mostly all plotted out in my head but I haven't written most of it yet, Uchi is a new, um. Boy on the block~ Ohkura's block *dies* They haven't been getting along at all and snark at each other and such a lot. Uchi wears this annoyingly shiny lip gloss (you know, like most JE boys are known to do at sometime or another <.< And well. This is just after one night hanging out because they do become "friends", or atleast people who sometimes hang out and drink together.

Written last night to [livejournal.com profile] impynymph and [livejournal.com profile] crystallekil for Noelle's prompt: oh pronz )
And now, fic0rz. Finally. MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~ ^_^

Ohkura will always blame the lip gloss )
Title: Untitled, unfinished ficlet written for the One Hour Porn Challenge
Characters/Pairing: Ohkura, Ryo.
Rating: G [lol I totally failed in getting to their angry!i-missed-you!UGH!make-up sex D; D; D;]
Notes: AU, written in the Hokura-verse and inspired by K8's 'Wahaha' PV. So yeah. The start of another part in this series. It'll be finished but probably not posted for a while because lots of stuff happens before this happens. Failiso.

. . . . . . )
Fic: New In Town
Pairing: Nagase/Ohkura
Rating: R
Notes: Don't own. AU. SO SO SO SO SORRY OMG. CRACK IDEA of cheap whore Ohkura based on alskdfjasklfdj retarded late-night, wine-fuled IMs with [livejournal.com profile] alissa and this this picture of Ohkura from Endless Shock with leather pants and $1 BILLS OMG. SRSLY GAIZ. There will be more. Not sure if it all will be public but [livejournal.com profile] alissa and I are totally going to write as much of these as we can omg there are so many ideas we came up with we should really be ashamed of ourselves. CRY. WHOOPS. Alissa, this is for you. And its also for [livejournal.com profile] impynymph too because she and I also come up with the most ridiculous and wonderful ideas. GUYS, I wish all our ideas would magically write themselves that way we wouldn't have to do it and it wouldn't take so long. ILUSM. ♥!!!!! I hope this doesn't fail. If you notice tense shifts, let me know PLEASE. I am renowned for that. D; And I am not to keen on the ending. It wanted to end all emo and I said STFU NO. Because this is essentially supposed to be humor and smut. ....hahahahhaha sorry I failed. Better luck next time? T_T Don't be afraid to point out short-comings: I like that stuff. ;P Also, totally shamelessly referenced Utahime LOL. >.>
OH YEA. And this is totally the first time I wrote Nagase so sldfkj JUST A WARNING. He's not perfected. *_* Or possibly even recognisable IDK YOU TELL ME. I AM SO SORRY~ SRSLY GAIZ~ :Dv

$6...I mean, dolla dolla bills yall )



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