SO HI. xD I keep meaning to post but then I fail at it. I've been busy lately. Starting on fics and finishing a few and plotting more and I am planning a picspam for RYO since his birthday is SATURDAY YAY! I just have to finish uploading pics!

Hopefully I can start to post more. I've been posting at my other lj a little more than here. I'm trying to figure out how to manage it all. I might just mirror some of my posts on here but filtered so the people who are friended there don't have to see the post twice ;)) I wouldn't filter anyone out of any of my entries I just don't want people so see the same post twice. xD

I hope everyone's been well. :D I was Paris Hilton last night xDDD I thought it was funny.
I might be able to post pictures soon! W00t!

Am also trying to decide if I want to shell out another $18 for that re-packaged SuJU. I probably will :| Just. When I get $18 more dollars XD Because DVD! *_* SHINY.

I AM ANXIOUSLY AWAITING MY NEWS CDS THOUGH OMG. FLAIL. I will also have the Limited ed of Kanjani8 in that package too! I got the Limited Ed Weeeek [and i think I am ordering the stupid Reg ed too cause I love the art on it :|] and the Limited Ed of Pacific. Or something. Somehow. I forget. I JUST CANNOT WAIT TO GET THEM AND OMFG "TEPPEN" IS ON IT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

This is an exciting month! Kanjani8 photobook later too! GOD.

So yes. Yes. NOVEMBER! :D

Here is a chibi Ohkura picspam I did. There's also a couple of fic recs in it. :D Yay Ohkura. ;))



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