I come to share scans again ^_^

I just got in my Okura Solo Con shop pics!!!! My heart is so happy! For SO MANY REASONS. I got them as I was walking out the door to work this morning. ^^; My new job! I couldn't look in my bag until late in the afternoon, once I got off and then went to vote and did a few other things and THEN had time. <3 MY HEART <3 I wish I'd been able to see this con. <3 But today was a good day! Work was good. I voted! And we have a new, great wonderful historic incredible man for president <3333 Obama won! <33333 This is so unbelievable!!! :D Then, yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] impynymph's birthday and it was Ryo-chan's as well! ^_^ Tomorrow is [livejournal.com profile] alissa's birthday! I haven't been able to write well lately (my muse :(( has been away and failing me WOE but hopefully will return soon!!!) and, with my nerves, I scanned today! So this is for you guys! For your birthdays! ^_^ Happy birthday Noelle, Alissamaru, and Ryo-chan!!! ^_^ I hope you love your birthdays and, when I can, I will do more for you. ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you more than you will ever know <333333333333333333333

I was having troubles with my computer earlier (too little memory??? :(((( do I need a new harddrive??? ;___; wah) So some of the scans aren't as perfect or good as I'd like them. I couldn't open my scanner with my browser open and I didn't want to try to open Photoshop. I had to scan some of these a few times but wasn't able to do as many tries as I usually do. Also, some of the pics with no borders seem really cropped :( I don't know why my scanner is doing that. I tried to scan them a few times but with teh same results. Anyone know how to make your scanner NOT crop them??? Maybe it's because I stopped previewing each image???? It seems it kept making them SMALLER as it went D;

I might try to re-scan some of these then... PLEASE let me know if you'd like me to try again with some pics. I am iffy on how some of the colors came out on about 3 of them. Most of them came out just right but a few are odd to me XDDDD So I will probably, once I figure out my computer issue, try to fix the scans or re-scan them. ESPECIALLY if I figure out how to make my scanner not crop. I was T_T because the one of Kura leaning over in the red pants??? >.> There is a nice amount of space AFTER ALL OF HIM XDDDD *bootay* and there is space above his head too!!!! I scanned that pic 4 or 5 times and it kept cutting pieces out... asdkl SORRY FOR RAMBLING. But yes. ^_^ I'll definitely try to re-scan if anyone is interested and, because I know *I* want them to be better, too. :D Please have patience and I will do my best!!!

Thank you and enjoy! Credit is really nice and so are comments! In fact, they are ♥ :Dv

I love you, KURAFACE!!!! )



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